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Tio Chorinho is Canada's first ensemble dedicated to choro, the "New Orleans Jazz of Brazil." Combining European and Afro-Brazilian influences, choro is an infectious popular style whose universal appeal belies its musical complexity. Tio Chorinho’s studied and soulful approach to Brazil's seminal music is inspired primarily by the early- and mid-20th century masters of the genre: Jacob do Bandolim, Ernesto Nazareth, Pixinguinha, Waldir Azevedo, Luiz Americano, and others. While their music is rich with the hallmarks of the tradition, it also reflects the members’ unique heritages and musical personas. Brazilian ex-pats Carlos Cardozo (cavaquinho), Maninho Costa (percussion) and Andre Valerio (7-string guitar) are steeped in the wide-ranging traditions of their home country, as well as their adopted one. Serbian-Canadian accordionist Milos Popovic brings classical pedigree and extensive experience in folk, jazz and Balkan music, while mandolinist Eric Stein inflects his expertise in klezmer and east European styles. 

Tio Chorinho’s debut album "Chora Brazil," earned two Canadian Folk Music Awards nominations.

Tempestuoso by Tio Chorinho

Their latest album “Tempestuoso” features ten tracks of new and classic Brazilian choro music, bursting with spirit and soul.  The second release from the long-running Toronto ensemble (and first release on LulaWorld Records) includes five unique compositions by guitarist Andre Valerio, as well as classics from giants of the choro genre, Jacob do Bandolim, Waldir Azevedo, and Luiz Americano. The album also features a tour de force appearance by vocalist Flavia Nascimento, with whom the group collaborates regularly. Just in time for summer, “Tempestuoso” is filled with sunny vibes and hot licks from a seasoned ensemble in peak form.

 “An absolute delight from start to finish…a terrific debut CD; play it on a grey day and your room will be filled with sunshine!” 
- Wholenote Magazine


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Catalogue #: LWR043A

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Tracy Jenkins & Juana Hermida
Lulaworld Records


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