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QuiQue  Escamilla

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“Modern day troubadour Quique Escamilla makes music that comes straight from the soul. The stories he tells are the stories we need to hear; socially and politically conscious lyrics paired with exceptional musicianship. He’s a unique talent who holds to the traditions of heavyweights like Bob Marley and Manu Chao. Quique is really one to watch!” 

- Garvia Bailey, CBC Radio Canada.

Quique Escamilla was born and raised in the warm, tropical southern lands of the state of Chiapas, Mexico. He is a Mexican-Canadian, multi-instrumental singer-songwriter and producer, recipient of the 2015 Juno Award for World Music Album of the Year with his first full-length and self-produced album, 500 Years of Night.

He breaks down language barriers through his powerful voice and passionate delivery while fusing traditional Mexican styles of music such as ranchera and huapango with modern sounds of rock, reggae, ska, pop, jazz, cumbia, bolero, and a variety of other Latin American rhythms. 


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Catalogue #: LWR001 





Management & Label
Tracy Jenkins & Juana Hermida
Lulaworld Records


500 years of night

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