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ESPIRAL (Oct 9.2020)

Women-led contemporary Afro-Cuban roots and jazz 


Taking its name from the word for heart or soul in the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria, OKAN fuses Afro-Cuban and other global rhythms with jazz, folk and classical forms.


Throughout their upcoming sophomore album, Espiral, Elizabeth and Magdelys explore genres as diverse as Danzon, Samba, Merengue, cover the Bolero great 'La Lupe,' tackle Mexican pianist Conseulo Velazquez’s ‘Bésame Mucho’ and impart stories of immigration, courage, and love, all while absorbing and reflecting back the influences of their adopted hometown, the multicultural melting pot of Toronto. The album also features contributions by leading Canadian Cuban artists Telmary Diaz, Miguel de Armas, Hilario Duran, Roberto Riveron, Alexis Baro, Frank Martinez and Pablosky Rosales. "Águila" stands out as highlight, a track devoted to the strength of women who make sacrifices to better their families. Written for Elizabeth’s Aunt, who had to leave her husband and daughter in Cuba while she immigrated to the U.S., the piece moves from sorrow to rediscovered strength rooted in family, faith and tradition.

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Catalogue #: LWR011



Lula World Records

(416) 797-4890



Marilyn Gilbert



Indoor Recess (Canada)

Twenty-Three (US)


Elizabeth Rodriguez

Magdelys Savigne

Lula World Records


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