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LENGAÏA salsa brava

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Estética de
un Rumbero


The gold diggers

The internationally-celebrated, Montreal-based orchestra Lengaïa Salsa Brava celebrates its 10th anniversary with the release of a third album, Estética de un Rumbero, a powerful and inventive salsa dura recording, that takes the band to a new level.


Three years after the release of The Gold Diggers, the ensemble’s Juno-nominated
sophomore recording, Lengaïa Salsa Brava returns with this ambitious new opus to mark
their first decade of recording and performing together. The latest release stands out from the previous two albums through the maturity and sophistication of the arrangements.


Giany Huyghues-Despointes, director founder and trombonist of the orchestra describes
the project: Estética de un Rumbero is an album that took us a little off the beaten track! We are constantly reinventing ourselves and pushing beyond our comfort zone, even
as the essence of our music remains deeply rooted in salsa dura. Listeners can
definitely expect surprises at the level of the orchestration! With Impacto and The Gold Diggers, we were working on a precious stone in its rough state. With Estética de Rumbero, we have swapped our hat as a gemstone extractor for that of a diamond dealer in order to give to our music the sparkle and brilliance that we were looking for. But it is first and foremost an album for dancers and lovers of this very particular style that is salsa dura.


Among the many special guests featured on the album is the renowned, Latin Grammy
nominated Ricky Campanelli, the album engineer who led the recording, mixing and
mastering sessions and who contributed to the compositions.

Among album’s many surprises, we find leading figures from the Montreal music scene.
Eric Delgado and Oswaldo Contramaestre, members of the Latin rock band Sociedud Sur contributed to the incredible arrangement of ‘Cataclísmo’ by Javier Solis, an unreleased live recording in a big band-rock version. The great Noderlis Valdés, a versatile Cuban vocalist, who masterfully performs Sonaremos el Tambor, brings a female presence to the recording.

Released on the Canadian Lulaworld Records label, Estética de un Rumbero, boasts 10
substantial tracks, comprised of eclectic and daring original material that will, satisfy
dancers and other lovers of the salsa dura genre around the globe.

The album will be available on all music streaming platforms February 24, 2023, with an
official live launch scheduled for April 1st.


Winners of The Réseau des Maisons de la culture award at Mundial Montreal last
November, Lengaïa Salsa Brava will tour in Quebec and Ontario this spring and summer.

"There's no doubting the ease with which the players embrace the propulsive arrangements, or the way their musicality – at once tight and free – deftly captures salsa dura's urban grit"

- Songlines UK 

Founded by Latin and Guyanese trombone player Giany-Frantz Huyghues-Despointes, Lengaïa Salsa Brava is a powerful 12-piece orchestra based in Montreal, Canada. Lengaïa’s unique sound derives from its ambitious orchestral format which boasts harmonies by three trombones and a baritone saxophone combined with distinctive vocals.


Like its birthplace, Montreal, Lengaïa is deeply multicultural, with members drawing on musical and cultural roots in French Guiana, Colombia, Peru, Quebec, Spain, Venezuela, and the  Dominican Republic. The orchestra has accompanied such international salsa artists as Yoko Mimata, Ismael Rivera Jr., and Fania All Stars singer, Ismael Miranda as well as ongoing collaborations  with trombonist Jimmy Bosch who appears as a special guest on the group’s second full length Album, The Gold Diggers.

Winner of the Canada Latin Awards in the "Salsa Group of the Year" category for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018, and 2019 in the category “Best Tropical song” Lengaïa hs performed at the Lulaworld Festival at Lula Lounge, Toronto Salsa Festival, Montreal's Nuit Blanche, Gatineau Karamel Festival, Fiesta Olympica at the Olympic Park, Colombia Festival, and completed its first international tour in Colombia in september 2019.

Catalogue #: LWR014 




Founder & Manager
Giany Huyghues-Despointes

Marilyn Gilbert



Tracy Jenkins & Juana Hermida
Lula World Records


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