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KUNE is an eleven-piece collective of ten immigrant musicians from all over the world and one metis-Canadian. KUNE’s artistic practice captures and recreates the experience of living in Toronto, one of the world's most diverse cities. The musicians are from Iraq, Cuba, Peru, Burkina-Faso and China. The instruments they play are not often played together on stage; like the Tar, the Dizi, the Cajon and the Ngoni. It is a space to remember our origins and learn from each other’s differences. Together KUNE members compose, arrange and perform music that honours their cultural roots and creates connections with others through curiosity, experimentation and dialogue. 

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Universal Echoes





“WOW!! What JOY. This made my heart sing for you, for Kune, for Canada”

- Denise Donlon

“An absolute joy to host, Kune lends a whole new meaning to the word “harmony” – the ensemble is a masterful collective of engaging, respectful, and brilliantly talented musicians coming together to share and revel in one another’s life journeys. As a Canadian, my first reaction is to claim such welcoming, enthusiastic openness as the best of what can happen in my country, but in truth, it is deeply universal. Kune is at once beguilingly unique and universally engaging.”

- Brian Finlay, Westben

"My audience and I cherished the experiences we had with  KUNE - Canada's Global Orchestra over the past couple days. It was an honor to host their U.S. debut concert, and I am glad to have had the chance to meet and work with the executive director of The Royal Conservatory of Music, Mervon Mehta….I encourage any/all of my NYC friends to check them out!"  

- Brian Zellmer, Kutztown University

North American Booking
Annick-Patricia Carriere
KUNÉ - Agence Station Bleue



Ewelina Ferenc


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