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Charangon Del Norte

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Led by multi-instrumentalist Wilver Pedrozo, Charangon Del Norte has been called the "Los Van Van of Toronto".


The group is a uniquely Cuban fusion, incorporating jazz, Latin funk and world music elements with variations on classic Cuban forms such as charanga, changui and pilon.


The original compositions and ambitious arrangements for the large format Latin orchestra draw on the group’s distinctive instrumentation that usually boasts a triple trombone section, two violins, baritone sax and flute. The result is a contemporary sound that reflects Pedrozo’s upbringing in south eastern Cuba where diverse influences from Colombia, Mexico and Jamaica are part of the everyday musical fabric. 


Goza Mi Tumbao


Catalogue #: LWR013S

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La Calle Me Llama

Catalogue #:LWR008



Management & Bookings

Tracy Jenkins

Lulaworld Records & Artist Management

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