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With his stunning debut release, Brazilian Canadian multi-instrumentalist/singer, composer Carlos Cardozo delivers a compelling and intensely personal overview of Brazilian samba, bossa nova, forró, and funk, adding jazz and folkloric elements alongside the rhythms of northeastern Brazil.

Cardozo’s assured and evocative vocals shine throughout his expressive compositions which are enriched by the arrangements contributed by collaborators and producers André Valério and Sammy Barros.

Through both its lyrics and rhythms which draw on baião, ciranda, xote, choro, ijexá, maracatu and côco, the album traces the trajectory of Cardozo’s journey as an Immigrant, leaving Recife, Pernambuco Brazil and arriving in Canada.

Cardozo explains his inspirations on the recording:

In the various tracks you can hear my longing for the region of the Pernambuco inner state, the incredible backcountry of welcoming and humble people where my mother worked for several years as a nurse as well as for chapada Diamantina, the valley of Capão in Bahia where I had the opportunity to experience its stunning and simple nature, and especially the Cachoeira da Fumaça waterfall.

On the album, I also portray the loves and experiences left behind, the initial difficulty of finding acceptance in a new culture, the struggles to find financial and emotional stability in a a completely new world, learning to accept and love myself and my love for my beautiful daughter.

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MEU MUNDO (2022)

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