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"Morales shines with mature confidence amid (producer) David Arcus’ outstanding orchestrations”

-David Dacks, the Grid

Since her arrival in Toronto in 2003, Aline Morales has been a tireless promoter of the traditional rhythms of northeastern Brazil, performing with her percussion troupe, Baque de Bamba, at countless festivals and events. 


Aline was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where she began her performing career as a child training in capoeira. By the time she reached her early twenties, Morales had performed in a number of traditional and contemporary bands including Brazil’s most well-known maracatu group, Nacao Estrela Brilhante do Recife, then led by her mentor Mestre Walter de Franca. 

Now drawing upon a wider range of influences, Morales finds herself in a stage of musical exploration. Gone is the heavy wall of percussion, replaced instead by lush, eclectic arrangements, seamlessly blending traditional and modern instruments. At is home in her new role as a solo artist. Her debut solo album ‘Flores, Tambores e Amores’ was nominated for a Juno Award, and her highly anticipated sophomore record was released at the end of 2021 

In addition to her accomplishments as a solo artist and bandleader, Morales was selected as part of Canada’s Global Orchestra, Kuné, in 2016, and continues to perform and record with the ensemble as vocalist and percussionist.


Toadas Do Norte - Aline Morales


Catalogue #: LWR021A 




Management & Bookings

Tracy Jenkins & Juana Hermida
Lula World Records



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